Posted by: Claraliz Oviedo| Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

The Regulation of Investment Companies in Nicaragua

Having our legislation reserved a space for forty-five years for a proper regulation of Investment Companies, since the adoption of the Special Law on Financial Companies, Investment and others, known as Decree 15-L of April 9, 1970, and various attempts along these years; today Nicaragua has a legal body that regulates such companies satisfactorily. In this regard, the Investment Companies Act, Act No. 899, published in the Gazette No. 76 of April 27, two thousand

Posted by: Alvarado y Asociados

Electronic Money in Nicaragua: Amalgamating technology, law and business

In humanity ́s never-ending quest for improvement, technology plays a significant role as to the development of tools, production of devices and equipment, the upgrading of techniques, skills and processes which, in general, lead to the accomplishment of higher and higher goals that impact or influence our lives in different ways.

Posted by: Carlos Navarro| Senior Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

Retirement or Pension Account/ Saving Funds, a Benefit for Employees and Employers Alike

In Nicaragua, the recent changes in tax legislation caused mainly by the entry into force of the Tax Concertation Law, its regulations and amendments, have established some new mechanisms and options that provide benefits for employees, while also, providing a benefit to the company. Saving pension/retirement accounts are one of the best new benefits an employer can provide and now Nicaraguan law allows

Posted by: Zayda Cubas | Junior Partner at Alvarado y Asociados

Intellectual Property: Use of the Mark

There are those individuals or legal entities, who start the process of trademark registration in Nicaragua even when they have no short-term plans for the use of it, either because they are studying the possibility of introducing their products, provide their services in the domestic market or because the introduction of its products involves obtaining prior additional permits in addition to the obtaining of the corresponding trademark, such is the case of pharmaceutical products that require obtaining a sanitary registration in order to be able to

Posted by: Yuri Cerrato | Senior Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

The Legal Aspects of Outsourcing in Nicaragua.

For the last few years some companies in Nicaragua, have been using outsourcing or subcontracting, as a strategy to improve the efficiency and productivity of their business. As a result of the constant use of this contractual mechanism by local companies, a bill was submitted in the National Assembly in 2009 to regulate outsourcing, however, to date such bill has not been approved.

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